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Is it possible to move or sell E-soltec later in the future?

There is an anchor to fix the E-soltec. It is removed (the structure is lost), and the support band is tied up to the ring installed in the groove of the four sides, then it is transportable by trucks.

Please note that exceptions may apply in areas where equipment (crane, transporter) cannot reach due to space limitations.

For example, if the product is assembled locally in a narrow place, then product cannot be transported. However, it can be dissembled and re-assembled.

What is the warranty period?

The internal and external structures of E-soltec are guaranteed for two years free of charge. All the treatment is related humidity, and there is virtually no environment for water penetration from the outside. However, the internal wall, interior and optional consumable specifications are based on the manufacturer's guarantee, Also Capstone will not be liable for damages caused by consumer mistakes. However, it is expected that painting will be required again every five years because New Zealand’s naturally high UV sunlight. In case of problems, we will apply the New Zealand epoxy paint.

Internal and external structure definition: The structural frame of the product and the metal material

What is the use of E-soltec?

E-soltec an energy saving modular building that requires building consent can have various uses, such as modular house, office, shop, mobile booths etc. The outstanding advantage of E-soltec is that it can be assembled and dissembled, installed in any place. It can be reused after demolition, so it is also excellent value and re-usability. However, the insulation is minimized if it is indoors.

What are the specifications of E-soltec?

The basic specifications are wall, floor, general window, general door, electric device (lamp, outlet, breaker) and film heating is the basic specification of floor heating.

Outdoor options include outdoor rack equipment (leisure camping facilities), awnings and terraces.

Indoor options include home appliances (air conditioner, TV, washing machine, etc.), waste heat recovery equipment, advanced finishing materials (reinforced floors, design walls), 1/2 story beds, kitchen sinks, system windows and fire doors. If your building consent permits the construction of a septic tank you can install the toilet and shower. You can also connect it to the existing septic tank, which is simple.

Can I connect E-soltec to my existing house?

The interior of E-soltec consists of a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a piping system for sewage treatment is installed underneath. This will be connected to the sewer line of the existing house. Therefore, there is no legal problem, in acquiring the building consent.

How much is E-soltec?

A building consent is required for E-soltec, followed by technical review, and installation of a deck. However, E-soltec is a “Turnkey” project, it will be consented, delivered and installed for you at only 0,000. Meaning you can start enjoying your E-soltec when its keys are handed to you. But if you request a combination of HRV systems, solar system, and external leisure functions (rear steel box, 3-sided awning device, etc.) will result in additional costs.

How large are is E-soltec?

The basic specifications are width (9.0 m x 3.0 m), height (2.3 m). However, size and height can be adjusted depending on the needs of the consumer or the characteristics of the land. The cost may vary if the requirements are unusual, it is also possible to make H beam structures and multiple layers.

How is the E-soltec product assembled?

First, a surveyor will enquire the council whether it is possible to put a secondary housing on the relevant land. Council will consider the free land area, require land area, occupied land area and total land.

Second, geological analysis through civil engineering, the load is calculated according to the diagnosis of the structural engineer and the engineering design drawing is constructed to obtain the resource/building consent.

Third, after the technical production, the structure is assembled. Exterior wall (panel attachment), internal piping and electric wiring works, insulation installation, inner wall installation and lastly the interior design is completed to your preferences.

What is the exterior wall of E-soltec?

Exterior wall is galvalume-type metal, and the inner wall is covered with three kinds of insulation such as condensation, noise insulation, vacuum insulation and insulation paint, and two kinds of insulation in New Zealand (total five-layer). The internal design is applied to prevent internal heat loss by shutting off the heat conduction of high/low temperature transmitted to the outside.

Also, the ceiling and floor is filled with composite insulation of 120 ~ 320mm and 110mm for wall. This has an excellent thermal management rate of 350mm ~ 600mm or more in thickness based on the glass wool thermal conductivity which we mainly use.

Is E-soltec a regular container house?

Container house is a structure made by folding several metal plates (flat) and welding the upper plate and the lower plate partially.

E-soltec products are efficient, modular, mobile homes built using energy-saving panels that combine high-value raw materials with high-tech technologies. Each component is specifically designed, combining heat-treated special steel with inner and lower plates. This panel is then assembled with upper and lower frames and hundreds of specifically designed bolts. It is a strong product with no distortion due to earthquake or shaking. It is approved by an accredited testing institute. Test report cards are available upon request.

The patented Air Route technology dramatically reduces energy loss to the level of an Active House, enabling comfortable four-season residential living. E-soltec is not a regular container but a steel panel structure Living & Leisure house.

It is a minimum unit modular house that can be changed into a desired size with a structure of a curved metal panel continuously expanding with a beautiful design. The main body is composed of support panel assembly, its characteristic is low maintenance cost and short construction period.

Simple building consent of a second house method. If you need an independent residential space that is designed to be used as a café or to make a motel or a hotel, you no longer have a spend a lot of time and money. Our new concept of warm mobile modular housing can be your solution.

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